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The Glenwalk:
Forge your own path 


Each sip of our whisky is like a walk down a Scottish Glen - forging ahead with our eyes firmly on the path; our sights set on an exalted tomorrow.


The Glenwalk

The story of our whisky starts in the Scottish Highlands, where lochs and lore reign supreme. The Glenwalk strides into a better future; it’s an ascent to excellence and ambition. Inspired by the high mountains and verdant glens of Scotland, our whisky is born of the philosophy that with every step, we inch closer to our aspirations. A brighter future with immense potential for positive change.


Our journey to finesse is rooted in foresight and commitment. And our whisky reveals this in every sip. It’s the drink of choice for the connoisseur in you - feet firmly planted on the ground, yet unafraid to fly high. With The Glenwalk, we chart our own routes and forge our own paths. 


Springing from the Glens of Scotland and tailored to the Indian palate, The Glenwalk is determined to go the distance. The ancient landscape has driven countless others – artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs – to go the extra mile. So why not us? 


We present to you The Glenwalk. Come, forge your own path with us. 

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The Glenwalk
Blended Scotch Whisky

The Glenwalk is a blend of fine malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured in a variety of traditional oak casks; resulting in a smooth dram with hints of fruit and warming spices. The delicate balance of the elements makes our whisky as rich in flavour as in character, and a hallmark of exceptional taste and quality.

Catering to all the senses, our whisky is a striking deep brown, equally opulent in its aroma of sweet caramel mixed with flapjack and treacle. The Glenwalk clings warmly to your glass as well as your palate, its buttery texture lingering long after the last sip.

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