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Meet Our Founders

Manish Sani.jpg

Manish Sani

- Managing Director, 
   Living Liquidz

With 30+ years of experience in the industry, Manish brings in the ability to structure large partnerships and acquisitions like Billion Air Vodka.


Moksh Sani

- Managing Director, 
   Living Liquidz

With 20+ years of experience in the liquor industry, Moksh, with his extraordinary vision for the brand, has launched the Living Liquidz app enabling the brand to become the largest liquor delivery platform in India. Moksh also played a vital role in the creation of Mansionz, a high-end luxury retail store.

Jitin Merani .jpg

Jitin Merani

- Founder, 
   The Glenwalk

Alongside being one of the founders of Glenwalk, Jitin is also the founder of Drinq, a full-service bartending boutique that boasts the most experienced and highly acclaimed bartending staff in the country. 

Rohan Nihalani.jpg

Rohan Nihalani

- Founder, 
   Morgan Beverages.

Rohan has played a pivotal role in the growth of Morgan Beverages  and making it a leading importer and distributor of 65 luxurious and premium liquor & beverages.

Who are the Glenwalkers?

Glenwalkers are a passionate and discerning group of individuals who value the finer things in life. They possess a strong sense of tradition and appreciate the time-honoured techniques that make a premium product. Glenwalkers  are sophisticated, with a keen eye for quality, and are willing to invest in products that align with their core values. These individuals also share a strong sense of community, exchanging stories, their experiences, and discoveries, with fellow Glenwalkers. They take great pride in their taste and are unafraid to be bold in their choices. 


Glenwalkers live life to the fullest.

Glenwalkers forge their own path.

And their search for the ultimate experience ends with The Glenwalk.

Our Community of Glenwalkers

This drink is going to lift everyone’s spirits, I was excited to join hands with them.

- Sanjay Dutt

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